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Specialist Helicopter courses available (Government, Parapublic and the Military);  Vantage is contracted in the PRC, Europe and the USA.


  • EASA to FAA conversion - conducted in Tampa, Florida.
  • Qualified Helicopter Instructor improvement course - conducted in the UK or USA.
  • Command Courses - Build experience with the worlds best.  Bespoke designed course.
  • Examiners course - prepare your top instructors for the demanding role.
  • Aviation auditers course - aligned with the UK military Central Flying School role and task.
  • Winching - delivered in the UK or in the host nation.
  • Parachuting - delivered in the UK or in the host nation.
  • Abseiling - up to 6 abseilers from 1 aircraft.  Delivered in the UK or in the host nation.
  • Roping - up to 4 roping points.  Delivered in the UK or in the host nation.
  • Night Vision Device - all instructors have over 500 hours on NVD - procurement available.
  • Sniping - Military applications.  Extensive counter terrorist applications.
  • Mutual Support and Low flying - Extensive counter terrorist applications.
  • Formation - multi type courses, by day and night and NVD.
  • Load Lifting - including Fire Fighting
  • EMS course - placement with US emergency hospital unit.
  • Day, Night and NVD deck landing training - basic and advanced courses.
  • Search and Rescue courses - Ab initio training to SAR Captain.


  • Night Vision Devices:  All our instructors have over 500 hours on NVD:  All our Captains are SAR qualified with over 600 hours.
  • Malfunction handling: improve your skills to military standards
  • Hot and High; Operational experience allows you to push you and your machine to the safe limit.  Military applications
  • Operational:  High Threat Environment operations
  • Load Lifting:  'Commando' experience of load lifting day and night - carriage of unusual loads is our speciality
  • Deck Landing Training - Our instructors have been trained by the Fleet Air Arm with a world wide reputation for professionalism and skill.  Each captain has over 2000 deck landings conducted in all weathers, day and night.