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Specialist Course

Course Approval

Approved by Vantage Aviation Limited. With CAA approval to conduct training in UK or FAA in USA.

Target Population

Government and parapublic.


Qualified, current and experienced helicopter pilot and crewman with spare capacity. Holding an in date medical examination.
English spoken and written skills at least ICAO Level 4.

Course Objectives

To enable the applicant to perform winching duties from a helicopter day and night to targets using various arrival and departure techniques.

Ground Training

4 Days total - split into 8 half days. May be reduced to 2 days if already completed appropriate winching training.

Flight Training

10 Days. May be reduced to 5 days and 2 nights if already complete appropriate winching training.

Training Sequence

The course can be conducted using the client’s own aircraft. We also have SET and MET aircraft availble.

Course Completion

On completion the students will be issued a certificate approved by Vantage Aviation.

Course Content

The Ground training includes helicopter power curve and limited power principles, site recce, approach and departure techniques, crew co-operation and escape options.

Rigging of equipment and despatch procedures and emergencies.

Flight training includes limited power and advanced approaches day and night, winching procedures and emergencies to land and sea based targets. Ground and flight phases include assessment. Maritime environment targets can be included as an extension to the course and with suitable aircraft over water equipment fitted.



Commercial Pilots License

Commercial Pilots License

Private Pilots License

Private Pilots License

Course Enquiry

Course Enquiry