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Specialist Course

Course Approval

Vantage Aviation, approved by FAA or Host nation authority.

Target Population

Security Forces and parapublic.


Qualified, current and experience helicopter pilot with spare capacity.
Holding an in date medical examination.
English spoken and written skills at least ICAO Level 4.

Course Objectives

To enable the applicant to conduct all flight profiles and responsibilities using NVD equipment including flying and non-flying pilot roles where applicable and to navigate accurately using NVD equipment.

Course Duration

3 weeks.

Ground Training

5 Days.

Flight Training

10 Days to achieve at least 6 night flights.

Training Sequence

The course can be conducted abroad using the client’s own approved aircraft.

Course Completion

On completion the students will be issued a certificate approved by Vantage Aviation.

Course Content

The Ground training includes human factors, flight safety and environmental considerations, Night Vision Device (NVD) principles, basic and advanced flying techniques, flying and non-flying pilot and crew responsibilities, emergency handling and navigation techniques.

Flight training includes NVD familiarisation, flying and non-flying pilot roles, crew responsibilities, general and emergency handling skills and navigation techniques.

Ground and flight phases will include assessments.



Commercial Pilots License

Commercial Pilots License

Private Pilots License

Private Pilots License

Course Enquiry

Course Enquiry