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Specialist Course

Course Approval

Vantage Aviation, approved by CAA and FAA

Target Population

Security Forces and Parapublic.


Qualified, current and experience helicopter pilot with spare capacity.
Holding an in date medical examination.
English spoken and written skills at least ICAO Level 4.

Course Objectives

To enable the applicant to lead and maintain close and loose formation positions during take-off, transit, manoeuvre and landing in same type and mixed helicopter type formations; to 2 Rotor spans.
Where qualified, to including night and NVD formation.

Course Duration

2 weeks. (3 weeks if night included).

Ground Training

5 Days. Where night and NVD formation are included, 3 days will be added.

Flight Training

5 Days. Where night and NVD formation are included, 5 days will be added.

Training Sequence

The course can be conducted abroad using the client’s own aircraft.

Course Completion

On completion the students will be issued a certificate approved by Vantage Aviation.

Course Content

The Ground training includes helicopter formation briefing procedures, formation positioning and station keeping, manoeuvring, leader responsibilities, crew co-operation and emergencies.

Flight training includes day formation positions, station keeping, flight manoeuvres, takeoff and landing, emergency actions and procedures, and formation leading. Where night and NVD qualified, the exercise will also be conducted at night.

Ground and flight phases include assessment.



Commercial Pilots License

Commercial Pilots License

Private Pilots License

Private Pilots License

Course Enquiry

Course Enquiry